Platinum halo square engagemet ring Larissa Landinez

7 Engagement rings styles and choices

I thought a gave a little help to those wonderful men who believe in LOVE and commitment. This is my guide to 7 engagement rings styles to choose from for a unique ring proposal:

Before I start I want you to consider a few things:

  1. Type of metal: Platinum, 18k white Gold, yellow gold, rose gold, a mix of these 3 together or Silver, even silver mixed with 18k yellow gold.
  2. Color of skin: Not all metals are for every skin tonality so considering her skin colour is very important.
  3. Her Style. Is she classic, executive Working, Sporty/beach, Artistic/contemporary Lady?
  4.  Is she a jewellery lover?
  5. Don’t forget this is a ring to last for ever so that’s why choosing precious metals, diamonds are the right gemstones is very important.

So here are some choices for a non traditional and unique bride that will want to make you step out of the common and classical proposal.

  1. For a very sophisticated and unique woman proposal N.1: The platinum 950 halo engagement ring.
Platinum halo square engagemet ring 1 carat cushion cut diamond and diamonds halo pave for the square band in platinum 950

2. The Venice sapphire halo engagement ring is a classic engagement ring proposal but the mix of sapphires with diamonds and micropavé makes this ring very unique and it looks like a flower just plucked from the garden <3

Sapphire halo engagement ring Sapphire and diamonds pave Halo engagement ring

3. The Firenze diamonds pave engagement ring proposal. A fresh and dainty proposal. The square band is more comfortable than the round one. The beauty of this ring as well is the wide variety of choices of metals, diamonds and gemstones. Say no more and pick your choice:

Diamonds pave engagement ring 18k yellow gold square band and diamonds pave White gold and diamonds pave square engagement ring 18k white gold and diamonds pave square band engagement ring

5. The Oyster engagement ring in 3 versions: The pearl engagement ring, The solitaire engagement ring with 4 claws and a very modern and contemporary version presented in a particular shape with a bezel set diamond and a subtle diamonds pave on the side.

pearl engagement ring Oyster ring handcrafted 18k yellow gold with a 12mm south sea Australian pearl Oyster solitaire engagement ring Solitaire engagement ring modern solitaire engagement ring 18K white gold 1/2 carat diamond bezel set and a gorgeous diamonds pave on the side – A unique engagement ring

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