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A sublime special story

I few months ago I had a very particular request. A key chain inspired on a Saint: “St. Augustine of Hippo”.  Not an easy thing for sure. I had to combined my style with a new piece which mechanism I had to study and think carefully and reflect onto St. Augustine story as well.

Not only I was captivated by this great Saint story and being a Catholic myself I also discovered an amazing painting at the Santissima Annunziata Sanctuary in Florence where I go for mass and was the most inspiring resource.

To make it short. This piece was created from the beginning  till the packaging which you can see in my previous post.  I wanted to keep a simple line and got fascinated by the initial wire that I made. It came out something very different from the original design and I must say I absolutely adore this key chain.  To honor St. Augustine I could not do less but making his intials and a little cross as well at the tip of it.  Simple yet elegant only the happy carrier will know what’s about and to finish my loving care for the things I create the key chain was blessed as well.

Customer satisfaction it’s really important to me. For special orders you can contact me.


  1. Nice post! I was curious how others handled special requests. I really like doing something that fits the person who will own it. I want them to feel the love that went in to creating it,as you I feel it is a labor of love.And I hope they cherish it. The most recent was a request from a group of friends who wanted to bless a wife of a hospice patient,they gave me a stone to work with,it was as touching and more blessing for me than for the recipient. Thanks for sharing.
    Nancy Pace

    • Thank you Nancy, It’s a real pleasure to share certain things. Many people don’t know sometimes the work and love behind a piece and how is the process of making it. It definitively varies from the request and the client.
      I must say the trust that the client relies on you makes a strong connection to the piece!