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Choosing a Certified Diamond

Important facts that care for an important decision!


I thought It was about time I’d give you some important keys to check when aiming for a Certified Diamond.
On the Photo below there is a sample of a GIA certificate. This document is issue by the accredited worldwide Gemological Institute Of America(GIA) is a source that explains the characteristics of your diamond.
When buying a Certified diamond you get a report number that you can check here -> https://www.gia.edu/report-check-landing. This allows you to read and confirm confirm your jewellers advice. That’s why the certificate it is very important. Because allows you to confirm that you are getting what it is. It takes time to train the eye and no one can just tell what kind of diamond you have just by looking at it.

When I offer certified diamonds these are the important characteristics I search for:

✔️Check the colour. I offer from F to D . Generally I don’t outsource G,H, I..
✔️Check the Fluorescence and aim for NONE ✔️Check the Symmetry and aim for Excellent ✔️Check the Polish and aim for Excellent ✔️Check the Clarity but don’t stay to focus on it.
✔️check the cut and aim for EXCELLENT

Lastly here’s a link to the GIA on how to purchase a diamond 


Happy Diamond  shopping

Remember no human eye will be able to tell the characteristics of your diamond, only the certified report can!

Make sure you aim a good shiny diamond. It’s better to get less carats with quality than more carats and bad quality

GIA Certificate

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