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Citrine and Topaz are the gems for November

How lucky to be able to alternate this gems as presents! 

Citrine and Blue Topaz gems
Citrine and Blue Topaz gems

Personally, I have always been a Topaz lover, in particular the blue type because:
✔️The different variations of tonalities
✔️The great quality-price relationship
✔️Stone setters are always happy to set as it is 8 in the hardness scale ✔️with a great design it can make a great statement piece!
✔️ It is the 4th Wedding anniversary Gem

London Blue Topaz
London Blue Topaz

Citrine has a different flair and as we are
All different gems are the same. You can’t love the gorgeous saturated vibrant yellow that represents energy and vitality! 
I can assure you this gem will brighten up your day!
This gem was commonly used by Roman for beautiful jewellery and for “intaglio” work and very precious in the 19th century, nowadays more available the preciousness comes with the quality and the cut!
Lastly citrine is the 13th wedding anniversary gem 💕


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