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Contemporary modern bangles

One of the pieces of jewellery that I enjoy the most not only making but also wearing are bangles. Ever since I started making jewellery I created a modern and contemporary bangle collection. This inspiration was thanks to my mom who is a very stylish elegant woman. I remember one of the pieces she loved the most was a set of 18kt gold bangles she used to wear everyday for work which is call: “semanario” meaning seven days. Seven bangles for each day of the week.  Doing some research were the Gypsy women who carried a “semanario” as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

For whatever reason it is. I LOVE bangles and I don’t necessarily wear 7. Here are some of my bangles collections and they all have a story. Like the square bangles that represent strong personality and determination.

Square bangles - modern bangles Modern contemporary bangles Textured contemporary bangles Modern textured bangles in 3 colors, silver, black and rose gold


Contemporary octagon bangles Octagon bangles in sterling silver


Heart bangles Beautiful romantic heart bangles
For your wedding day and your bride’s maids

For more bangles visit my website: Larissa Landinez contemporary jewellery in Sydney


See you next time!

Love from the land of down under!

Larissa <3

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