modern pearl earrings Larissa Landinez

Pearl hoop earrings: Contemporary pearl earrings!


If you are one of those that think that “Pearls are for old ladies”. We can prove you wrong.

We wanted to present the new square hoop earrings. Absolutely FABULOUS and SOPHISTICATED as it is our square Jewellery Collection.

Made in 18K yellow gold with a pair of high quality fresh water pearls adding a touch of glamour. we believe that Yellow gold and pearls are the perfect match.

Each Larissa Landinez earrings are carefully designed in a way that weight will not be a problem for you ear so these hoops are very light. The square structure have a different sides that from different angles show different sides for one piece. The pearls are set in a way that gives continuity to the design.

Available with Tahitian pearl, South Sea Australian pearl or in 18k white or rose gold.

We are in love with these modern Pearl hoops and we can’t get enough of it. They are sophisticated and elegant! The perfect pair of pearl earrings for a special night or a cocktail party.

No matter what age you are these gorgeous pair will be sparkling always in your Jewellery Box.

What do you think?

check out more of my collection here: or If you want to have these pair sparkling in your jewellery box.

modern pearl earrings Contemporary pearl earrings unique pearl earrings Elegant and sophisticated Contemporary pearl earrings

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