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Our new Halo Square engagement ring

We are delighted to present another variation for our engagement ring collection: The luxurious and stunning Halo square engagement ring.

Classical yet with a contemporary twist that makes it one of the most desirable engagement rings.

The Sydney Halo square engagement ring has subtle details for an absolute YES!

Made in platinum 950 with 1ct  cushion cut diamond and a first class Halo diamonds pave.  We offer the choice of customising the Halo combining other gemstones such as sapphires or rubies. The center stone can be customised as well.

The Halo engagement ring has become a popular style and our aim is to create unique one of a kind pieces that  will stand out from the crowds; our Halo square engagement ring is one of them. We can’t never get tired of the square shape as it’s a very comfortable fit!

Some Platinum facts:

  • The Halo words means surround with and the 18diamonds halo pave surrounding 1ct diamond cushion cut makes a flattering impression creating the illusion of an angels Halo.
  • Platinum is a Nobel metal and because it is rare makes it symbol of prestige.
  • It was first used by Egyptians then by the Incas. It was until 1780 that the first platinum piece of jewellery appeared in the court of King Louis XVI of France but not a Halo square engagement ring 🙂

Please Tell us what do You think and what’s  your favourite engagement ring design? We love and care for your opinion and help our inspiration <3

Do you want to have a custom made engagement ring with our fabulous designer Larissa Landinez? Contact us and we would love to help you with any design. We are located in the Sydney CBD on King st.

Halo square engagement ring platinum halo engagement ring Platinum engagement ring Square halo engagement ring Halo engagement ring by Larissa Landinez Platinum engagement ring


platinum engagement ring Details of the Halo square engagement ring. A little heart that let’s the light come to the Diamond side view of the square engagement ring square engagement ring platinum halo engagement ring square halo engagement ring

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