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Jewellery for Men: create a masculine look

Father´s Day is coming soon in Australia, and many are wondering what to give their husbands or fathers to make them feel special. The classic options are: clothes, perfume, technology, or something related to their hobby or sport of preference.  But if you want to give them a high quality, timeless gift that will last forever, why not a jewel?

Jewellery on men is a controversial subject. Some people think a man shouldn’t wear anything beyond a watch, cuff links, tie bar and his wedding band, or an alternative ring if he’s not married, but “only one in ten fingers”.

Others believe a piece of jewellery is to complete an outfit, they just have to choose the right one to match their look. When doing this, they shouldn’t abuse of quantity, be loyal to their style, and never mix metals! These are the 4 rules for men wearing jewellery according to

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Match metals
  3. Understand jewellery’s symbolism
  4. Jewellery and Dress code.

As for the last two, they should know when to wear a certain piece, and choose jewellery that’s going to be meaningful and according to the situation. They say jewellery has the power to send signals about who you are, the commitments you have made and your status in society.

I particularly like jewellery on men, and agree that every piece should be chosen and worn wisely. A man who decides to wear a jewel has to feel confident about it, if it’s forced it shows. I design and craft simple, masculine rings and wedding bands, bracelets, cufflinks and the occasional necklace. I think it adds a nice detail to the look, and men should be aware that whatever jewel they choose, it will draw the attention to them and to where it’s placed. So keep your hands and nails clean and tidy if you wear a ring, and be sure of it, there’s nothing more sexy.

Happy Father’s Day to every solid gold Dad!Sterling silver square ring for men

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