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Jewelry Packaging Pouchette



Here I go… giving some more.

Designing and creating has no end. I have been preparing for the past 7 month  my belt and hand bag collection and it has been an interesting process. Many things were and are involved such as the learning of traditional leather craft techniques from Monaco Metropolitano to going to an specialized traditional Florentine factory where my close friend and owner Sandro Meucci help me with providing materials and professional help until finding the right product developer for my collection.

For now I can show you different prototypes but not of my belt and handbag collection but of my future packaging. Since I want to give versatility to my products and always caring for quality. I designed and made some jewelry pouchettes prototype as packaging  that not only can be useful for protecting and taking your jewelry with you when traveling but also to hide some bad habits 😉 like smoking. As I created for my lovely photographer collaborator Olivia a cigarettes box pouchette, or as coinholder, key chain holder or more feminine for lipstick and powder pouchette.

I also added different buttons but I think I will stay the one I designed myself a pure silver ball as button.It gives an special touch.

You decide what’s the best use…

Have a great start of week!

Remember to love and be kind with all the people around. Smile smile too many tragedies around the world  to be mad at the rest of the people.



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