My story

 In 2002, I came to Florence, Italy to study contemporary jewellery at the schools of Alchimia and Le arti Orafi, studying under master artists Paolo Bernardoni and Marco Baroni. I could have never imagined then, that 10 years later, I met the men of my life got married and now I am settled in Sydney, Australia– making jewellery for discerning clients in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

In Florence I was nurtured and inspired — on almost a daily basis now in Sydney Australia that hasn’t changed as I live next to the sea– my lifelong interest to make beautiful, contemporary jewellery of the highest quality which embodies a timeless sense of style. In addition to the pieces shown below, I make specialised jewellery to suit the individual needs of clients. Regardless of one’s specifications, my aim is to ensure that every piece of jewellery I make will be enjoyed for many years to come and which can passed down to one’s children, with a lifetime of wonderful memories behind it.

My heart bangle has already garnering quite the celebrity following, US Marie Claire magazine’s style and accessories director, Taylor Tomasi Hill, went coocoo over these bangles, snapping one up as soon as she saw it, Vogue Uk editor Jessica Bumpus adored them and Erin Wilie Martha Stewart Weddings writer defined them as a “killer and a great gift for the bridesmaids”

Passion and Love are my main tools to make jewellery…

Venezuelan jewellery designer Larissa Landinez Creative hands that work with love Creative hands that work with love Detailed work Detailed work