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Northern Beaches Jeweller

Well as you all know now I’m settle in Australia with my beloved husband Mehdi.

I am part of the Jewellers at the northern beaches and I’m focusing on wedding, engagement and anniversary rings and jewellery. I love making custom made and making each piece personalised.

I though about talking a little bit of the custom making process which involves different steps:

Time frame – Each piece has different time frame to be produced, specially those with diamonds or gemstone stetting. When having an urgent request as many times happens for engagement or wedding rings it is important to let that know as I can help to speed up the production time.

Do you have a stone of your own and want to have something designed? I can help you with custom made one of a kind or a classic design.

I Also have a wide range of precious and semi precious gemstone.  Exquisite Iranian turquoises brought from the Holy city of Nishapur. I have available the most desirable diamonds: Pink Argyle .

Do you want to change the gemstone from one of my pieces or the precious metal? – Most of my pieces are available in different metals and gemstones. If you are looking for a particular one I can outsource it.

All my pieces can be made in sterling silver, black oxidised silver, 18kt yellow, white, rose gold or platinum.

Do you have an Idea but don’t know how to express it or imagine? – I also can help with developing  your idea and making a unique design.

On my private client login area – In this area you can pay according to your needs and have exclusive listings and discounts.

At the moment I hope I could answer these doubts and meanwhile I’ll leave you with some beautiful pictures of Manly NSW Australia …..

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  1. Tallulah


    My name is Tallulah, I am a 19year old on the Northern beaches.
    I finished school last year… I have an interest in designing jewellery, but no skills or tools to make them… i would like to design jewellery and set up a social media page and sell it as a hobby.
    Im not sure where to start… Can you help me ? or are able to guide me in the right direction

    • Hi Tallulah,
      Thank you for your email. I think there are jewellery schools in the city that offer jewellery design classes and courses. You can check with the enmore institute or gaffa.
      My advice is though to study overseas. preferable in Europe because you will find real artisan skills. I see the Australian jewellery making market focus too much in computer design and less technique.

      Hope that helps and good luck!

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