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October is for colourful Opal

Opal Harlequin pattern
Precious Australian Opal

Some colour for this month as it is for OPALS 💕such an intriguing gem boasting all colours of the visible spectrum with different intensities, arrayed in patterns like this gorgeous on the picture called Harlequin 😍
Wondering about Harlequin!?
“Arlecchino” a comic servant character from the Italian commedia dell’Arte introduced in the late 16th century. This character had a particular chequered costume similar to this opal 💕
As you know most of the precious and fine Opal’s come from our Outback having a rich geological conditions for its formation.

Harlequin character
Harlequin character

To find out more about buying an Opal or having a custom made piece: info@larissalandinez.com

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