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Pinterest love

Today I wanted to share a tool that can be very helpful to keep up interests and things you  like

It’s called Pinterest a website that you can also  have as an app on your Iphone, Ipad or android.

I will explain how can this be so helpful to get organised and find lots of inspiration for example your wedding.

It allows users to save images and categorise them on different boards.

Let’s start!

go to  pinterest.com and you can create an account through Facebook

pinterest This is how you interface would look:



How to use it for your wedding? very easy! start creating different boards or only one board. this is how it’s done: click on the plus sign and then on the bottom create board


I personally created just one board called our wedding



As you can see I pin ideas for the wedding such as the dress I would like, the cake, the invitations, details, venues anything that can come to your mind that you would like to have on your wedding day.



When creating a board you have to enter a name: Our wedding

Write a description so you know and let know what’s about and categorise it.

In this case our board will go under weddings and if you want to keep it secret you can activate that option as well.


I also invited my bridesmaid and best friends to be part of the board so they could suggest ideas as they were not in the same country I was living and you can do so and invite them by email or through Facebook of course as indicated below with the pink lines 🙂


And we are almost ready…. just some final tips on how to pin.

There are two ways with the Pinterest button you include on your browser so when you are navigating doing research for your wedding you find the place where you want to order your cake you can just pin the image and save it to your board then you can go through it and also it will direct you to the website by clicking on it.Or through Pinterest as showing below there’s a section for weddings and also you can search directly.




well I think this is for now.

I love pinterest and have found also great ideas  i really hope it could be useful for you too and please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!


Happy pinning and follow me to see all the amazing jewellery from all over the world!