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Ruby: July’s Birthstone

After diamonds and sapphires, Ruby is a very special precious gems and is considered one of the 5 cardinal gems. It has been predilected by Queens, Princesses, Religious Clergy and other and it is easy to understand why.

Firenze Ruby Pavé Two Tone 18K Gold Multi Band
Firenze Ruby Pavé Two Tone 18K Gold Multi Band

The red colour of Ruby, can vary in tonality and intensity defining its quality. This intensity can be quite charming. It has a hardness of 9 in the scale of Mosh, characteristic that makes this gem a great choice for an alternative engagement Ring.

Ruby pave set multi band
Hand cut Ruby for Pave set

Australia is such a bountiful land and Ruby has been found on the easter seaboard and the mining operations are restricted in the NSW and Northern Territories.

Ruby Princess cut set on 18K Yellow gold orders
Ruby Princess cut set on 18K Yellow gold orders:

If you are looking for an alternative engagement ring featuring Ruby, one important fact to considered is that you won’t find a gem larger that 3 Carats so, you need to stay within this range size.

Another clever suggestion for your engagement ring is to surround the ruby with a diamond pave this will allow also a more subtle choice of metal like 18K white gold according to the design.

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  1. Helena

    I would like to inquire how much the Firenze Ruby Pave ring costs and is there a difference in price between the different colour bands

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