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Unique and unusual Engagement ring | Square engagement ring

The first time I started making the square rings I would never thought that it would lead me to make it a unique and unusual engagement ring. It was a client that gave me the challenge of making one. I love my clients and specially when they give me so much inspiration and trust my taste and work. I’m so thankful for that.

I believe it’s relative to taste and personality when defining the right engagement ring. Every couple has a different story and lifestyle and there are many things that can influence the choice for the right one.  The budget!  Oh my the Budget. Though I still think you don’t need a huge diamond to express how much you love her. I think what’s most important is the uniqueness of the ring and the design behind it. That’s what makes my square engagement ring the perfect choice for that.

When choosing an engagement ring such, an important ring not only for what it represents but also its use: Forever. It’s very important to consider the type of precious metals because it needs to suit the colour of skin then the diamond or diamonds with other precious gemstones. To complete all these elements then we come to the design. Another important fact when having a custom made engagement ring is the type of job. You want your ring not to interfere with your work and what you are doing. You want a ring that is wearable, stable and at the same time gorgeous and unique.

I’m introducing a new beauty on my series of square engagement rings: The pink diamonds pave. As you know PINK Argyle diamonds are rare and only found in Australia. I’m in love with Pink argyle diamonds and I just fell in love. If you want a definitely yes then go for one of these. They are gorgeous and made me fell in love.

So which lady would say no to a proposal with a ring like this?

cartier style engagement ring | square engagement ring Rose, white and yellow gold with pink diamonds pave Square engagement ring with pink Argyle diamond and diamonds pave Pink Argyle diamond engagement ring Argyle Pink diamonds pave engagement ring | pink square engagement ring Gorgeuos engagement ring white gold with pink diamonds pave

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    Cost of multi band ring.

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