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Square ring: Why I love it?

It all started back in the time where I started learning to make jewellery.

square diamonds ring The square ring in 18kt yellow gold with diamonds pave
Price: $1500


After finishing the contemporary jewellery school in Florence, Italy I had my ideas clear of what I wanted to create in jewellery. WIth the years I have developed my square collection making it more precious and one example is above.

I chose the square shape as it’s unconventional. It is also a way of not being boring and being different standing out the crowds. For so many people that don’t think and have an idea: The square shape is just so comfortable as a round ring and the size is taking the same way a a round one.

square ring in gold and diamonds The square shape is just as comfortable as a round shape.
We have now available this ring with PINK DIAMONDS

I love geometry and the square shape represents strong personality and determination.

The square ring in all its variation it’s my favourite ring and became my signature one.

oxidised silver contemporary ring One of the new variations and it’s a unisex ring

Now it’s used from engagement to wedding ring in 18kt gold and diamonds or just a a ring to wear everyday in sterling silver.

For more details and info: info@larissalandinez.com or call me for a private appointment in Sydney: 0424501569 or visit my web: http://www.larissalandinez.com 


square ring in white gold The square ring in 18kt white gold is a true timeless jewel rhodolite contemporary ring The square ring goes perfect with a baguette gemstone.
We have available blue topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline, citrine and make your inquiries for more info


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