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The skulll story





This Photos can perfectly express and describe the process of  making a hand made piece.

It was an special request from a very close friend of mine. A chic and masculine man as I would call this “skull bracelet” which draw me into total inspiration.

I personalized it adding his initials as you can see on the details. Also I took lots of care for the clasp since a man usually has big hands and it’s not the same as for a woman and of course he made it clear to be careful about that!

To have a little fun and to remain with the skull theme I made a little bone with a brown diamond for the clasp.

The feeling and trust that somebody can give you when ordering a custom piece can lead you to discover new things and put all the love on making it.

As a result I decided to make a beautiful packaging that will remain in time. I came up with an ostrich leather coin holder where he could decide to safe keep the bracelet or use it as a coinholder

All hand and stitch made by me.

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